The Best San Francisco Engagement Locations

Bay Area Engagement Locations, Part 2

Welcome to part two of my picks for the best Bay Area engagement locations in San Francisco (and a little bit of the South Bay!) If you are looking for Marin County, click here for part one!

The city by the Bay has so much to offer, especially the wildlife. No, I am not talking about the nightlife, but rather the parks, beaches, and forests that distinguishes San Francisco from other cities. It’s an ideal location if you want to have multiple locations in your engagement shoot. Most of the locations I’ve listed below are a short distance from city life. Whether you are looking to propose or find the perfect location for your engagement session, take a look at some of my top picks!

The Best Engagement Locations of San Francisco

Sutro Baths 

Couple pose by trees near sutro baths for san francisco engagement locations by amy thompson photographyCouple pose by ocean for San Francisco Engagement Locations by amy thompson photography

The mysterious, beachy, romantic remains of an old bathhouse that burned down in 1966 makes for a breathtaking engagement shoot option in 2019. This location boasts the ability to give both a beachy and foresty look within walking distance of each other. Depending on the tide you can get down to the actual beach and depending the time of day you can catch a sunset reflecting off the ocean and the old Sutro pools. One caveat: be ready to walk back up all the stairs!

Baker Beach 

Couple kiss at Baker Beach San Francisco Engagement Locations by amy thompson photography

A local San Francisco favorite, Baker Beach looks great in the sun or the fog. This beach is most known for its iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the sandy shore. It’s particularly stunning during the Golden Hour.

 Crissy Fields

couple kiss by golden gate bridge for San Francisco Engagement Locations by amy thompson photographyCouple pose in front of Crissy Field for san francisco engagement shoot location blog by amy thompson photography

Crissy Fields is a popular engagement session location for good reason!  There are the old Presidio Army buildings with unique colors and textures, bright green grass, and beach access all within 5-10 minutes walking distance.  This is a great San Francisco engagement location if you don’t really want to walk a lot. Just be mindful that there will be a lot of people around during the warmer days!

The Presidio 

Couple at Lover's Lane for San Francisco Engagement Locations by amy thompson photography

There is a lot to see in the Presidio area! Trees, nature, historic buildings, and trails. The iconic Lover’s Lane is a great location to set the mood and create a sense of a private forest on its cypress tree-lined path. The trees make lighting very intimate. Hence the name…

South Bay Engagement Shoot Locations

If you decide to venture further south along the coast, there are a few stunning locations to consider!

The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

I love the intimate beach down the path from the Ritz Carlton with an adorable wooden bridge and amazing bluffs. This location is the epitome of class, though again, this beach is very popular during the warmer months. This picture was taken on a particularly empty day in the winter! Perfect for a surprise proposal! See the full blog here.

Montara State Beach, Half Moon Bay  

half moon bay couple for San Francisco engagement location blog by amy thompson photography

Another beach to scope out is Montara State Beach. I love that you can use the bluffs and get down into the sand onto the beach. This beach is not super crowded, which might be a good idea if you want to have a private engagement session during the spring or summer.

These are just a few of my choices, and I hope it helps narrow down the search for the perfect location for you and your fiancé (or soon-to-be fiancé!). What would your ideal Bay Area location be? Tell me in the comments below!

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