Indoor vs Outdoor Family Photography Sessions

Where Does The Time Go?

Pictures of your family are priceless. Time goes by so fast when you are raising kids. One day you’re changing diapers and the next you’re sending them off to their first day of school. It can be difficult to take photos of the kids when they are growing up. Sometimes little ones won’t pose or will run away from photos being taken by their parents. Getting a family photography session done is a great way to capture these moments before they go by. I have shot a number of family sessions both indoor and outdoor and I’ve got a couple tips and tricks for when you want to get your family’s photos done! Now the question is, do you want an outdoor family photography session or indoor family photography session?

Indoor Family Photography Sessions

New parents pose at home with kids during family photography session by amy thompson photographymom, dad, and sons being silly during an indoor family photography session by Amy Thompson Photography

The biggest perk of having an indoor family photography session is that you don’t have to go anywhere! All you have to do (only if you want to) is tidy up your living space. These sessions are quick, usually ranging from thirty minutes to an hour-long session. I recommend these types of sessions for new families with little babies. Another plus is that indoor sessions can be very natural looking. You don’t even have to wear shoes!

One thing I have found is that it’s easiest to let your family be themselves while I capture those moments. Toddlers tend to run away or won’t pose if the parents are trying to make them do it. The more you push a toddler, the more they protest. Such is toddler life, haha! When a professional comes around, they usually bring their best selves forward and I like to go at your little one’s pace in order to capture the most authentic versions of themselves.

Outdoor Family Photography Sessions

sisters laugh during outdoor family photography session by amy thompson photography

Family poses for outdoor family photography sessionSisters hug for outdoor family photography session by amy thompson photographySisters dance in the hills for family photography session by amy thompson photography

Outdoor family photography sessions can be spectacularly candid.  Not only will you have landscapes as your background, but walking around during the session can take the nerves out of getting photos taken and can help distract little ones. Distraction for the little kids is a good thing because I can photograph those tender moments! The light is really beautiful during the golden hour which is the hour before sunset, so if you can, I suggest shooting outside during that time. The only drawback of shooting outdoors is that the weather can be unpredictable. On the bright side, wind photographs very well!

My goal is to document the connections within the family. We will do some with everyone looking at the camera but mainly it’s about the moments to show your true selves. When deciding on what to wear for an outdoor shoot, I like to stick to the rule that everyone wears clothing that is all in the same color family. Nothing too matchy-matchy! The key is to remember to be yourselves! We are capturing the connections your family shares with one another.

Family photography sessions are so much fun during and too look back at in the years to come. Especially as the kids get older, they will thank you for these photos one day!

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