San Francisco Engagement Shoot Outfit Tips for Fall!

Fall Outfits for A San Francisco Engagement Shoot

Fall in the Bay area is spectacular! The first half of the fall feels a lot like summer but has softer lighting than the summer months. The colors of the leaves change in some locations from green to oranges and yellows while other places stay evergreen. This is ideal for a romantic San Francisco engagement shoot! There is no shortage of locations you can go and stories you can tell! From the tree-lined coast to the streets in front of cafés and cute shops. Together we can capture the coziness of fall in San Francisco to tell your friends and family that you are engaged! The big question is, what to wear?

What to wear, what to wear?

Whether you are planning on going on a cute hike/walk through the trails of the Bay Area or more of an urban setting, there are a few tips I can give you for outfits!

An outfit that makes you feel comfortable so that you can be your true natural self is the goal.   Do you wear flannel a lot? A motorcycle jacket? Wear it! (But maybe leave the sweatpants and baseball hats at home.) I should rephrase: bring your best self, and best outfit! It’s always best to look dressed up.

Some fall fashion don’ts: no logos, or distracting prints. The focus should be on you and your soon-to-be! I recommend bringing a brush if you want to wear a non-baseball hat for some of the photos. I don’t think you want all your friends and family to see your engagement shoot photos with hat hair. While outfit changes can be awesome, I would recommend sticking to something you can easily carry while on the shoot.

Consider the setting of your photos. Are you guys planning on taking photos in a location like the Sutro Baths? These kinds of costal forest areas are gorgeously lush with dark greens and possibly fog.  A personal note, I love a flowy dress for Sutro Baths or a shoot on the coast to flow with the wind. A pop of color in your outfit would stand out against the natural background. A flowy dress may also look fantastic on the top of a hill with a few. Wind will most likely be a factor in the Bay!

For those of you who aren’t into bolder colors, consider complimentary subdued colors. Neutral tones are great since they won’t be the focus of the photo, and steer the focus to the chemistry between you and your partner. Be sure to pick colors that don’t match your backgrounds!

I just love doing a fall San Francisco engagement shoot! Take a look at some of the different locations I have shot with couples below, and if you would like to book with me, please contact me here.

San Francisco Engagement Shoot on a hike by amy thompson photographySan Francisco Engagement Shoot on a trail    San Francisco Engagement Shoot on top of a hill with a view by amy thompson photographySan Francisco Engagement Shoot in front of a green house by amy thompson photographySan Francisco Engagement Shoot on a bridge by amy thompson photographySan Francisco Engagement Shoot sutro bath by amy thompson photographySan Francisco Engagement Shoot in the trees by sutro baths by amy thompson photography

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