A Quintessential West Marin Engagement Photography Shoot

Iconic Scenery for West Marin Engagement Photography

Picking a location for West Marin engagement photography is a delightful dilemma. It’s hard to decide when the options include pristine coastline, dewy redwood forests, and bright green fields spotted with mustard-colored flowers.

Will and Casey were looking to capture the spirit of the Marin trails, so we settled on this spot with easy access to two iconic West Marin backdrops: evergreen redwood groves and sweeping vistas with rolling golden fields and oak trees. These backdrops can also be found in some Marin wedding venues if you want to keep the feel from engagement to wedding day seamlessly consistent.

Amongst the Redwoods

The Redwoods can be a little muddy at times (like most things in West Marin in the Fall and Winter) but they were conveniently close to our parked cars. Those of us who’ve tried to get a parking reservation, fight our way into, and pay an entrance fee for Muir Woods will appreciate the ease. Muir Woods has no equal, but the trees here are nonetheless very tall and impressive.

Will and Casey meandered through the forest floor chatting, laughing, and having a great time. I love how Casey’s orange cardigan is complemented by the dark green forest behind her. In short order as we continued on, the path opened up to a small golden field just as the sun peaked through the trees. Perfect timing!

Sweeping Vistas and Rolling Fields

The overlook is beautiful for the sunset if you can catch it, though can be equally charming when a little cloudy or with a layer of fog covering the basin below. We caught it at just the right time to cast subtle oranges over the scene. Sounds romantic, right?

It’s a bit of a hike after the Redwood grove but I think the beauty of the location makes up for it. We caught our breath in only a few minutes after reaching the summit and took an additional moment to appreciate the view before continuing the session.

It was the perfect spark for Will and Casey to glow. They got closer and closer and their smiles were contagious! This was West Marin engagement photography exemplified. It was such a pleasure photographing this lovely couple in such lovely country.


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