The Upsides to a Postponed Wedding Due to Coronavirus

Yes, There Are Upsides to a Postponed Wedding

With all the of planning and work that goes into creating your perfect wedding, it’s only natural to feel crushing disappointment when your big day gets rescheduled. However, postponement doesn’t equal defeat! Instead of dwelling on what could’ve/should’ve been, look at it as an opportunity to further refine your vision for a dream wedding. Allow some time for your feelings and when you’re ready, consider the following upsides to a postponed wedding.

You Can Redefine Your Dream Wedding

In times of stress, it’s not uncommon for our priorities to change. What once seemed important may now have fallen by the wayside. Take this time to reflect on your original wedding plan. What would you change? You may decide to scale back a big wedding in favor of an intimate ceremony or maybe a destination wedding is in the cards. Take recent personal growth into account and plan the perfect wedding for the new you!

A Chance to Treat Yourself to Two Anniversaries

Honor the original date of your wedding with a celebration. Hold a reengagement party for your new wedding date, or plan to take new engagement photos for your original wedding date! If you want a ceremony, go for it! Think of it as low-pressure practice for the upcoming event. It’s a chance to enjoy your day without all the pomp and pre-wedding jitters. Have fun with it!

The Perfect Excuse for an Online Wedding

If you’ve been dealing with financial stress in addition to postponing your wedding, or even if you haven’t, you have an opportunity to celebrate with an online wedding. Including loved ones who couldn’t normally attend in-person will make your day that much more special. Plan a Zoom wedding or livestream the nuptials on platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live.

The equipment required is minimal and so is the cost. Use the money you save on an incredible honeymoon or to invest in your new future. You get a memorable wedding and the rest of the day to yourselves.

Capture the Memories

Whether you choose an online wedding, a reengagement party or other small celebrations, don’t forget the photos. Your memories are your most precious wedding keepsake. Let’s chat about capture the unique moments that define your special day.

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