Your Wedding Photography And Covid-19: What To Expect

Whether you’ve already postponed your wedding or your nuptials are planned for the weeks ahead, the current health crisis has thrown a curveball to many brides and grooms. Getting married in the time of coronavirus comes with extra planning, extra adaptability, and extra stress! You may be wondering what to expect when it comes to your wedding photography and COVID-19. I’m here to put your mind at ease and share some tips to ensure you get perfect wedding photos to cherish forever.

Love Doesn’t Pause

Couples in love are eager to get married! No one wants to postpone their wedding. With no immediate end in sight for the current health situation, some brides and grooms are making the best of it. If you plan on going ahead with your wedding, be sure to book a wedding photographer right away. Love doesn’t pause, even for coronavirus. It’s wedding season!

Accommodations for Peace of Mind

First and foremost, make sure that the CDC and your State guidelines allow for the size of wedding you’re planning for. Staying within these boundaries not only keeps all of us safe, but it also gives your guests (and your photographer!) peace of mind that you’re following all recommended safety measures. Even if it’s a small or intimate wedding, you’ll still receive images of all your event’s treasured moments. Small groupings and portraits will give your photos a romantic, intimate feel.

Speaking of which, if we’re talking about smaller weddings, I must mention that I think micro weddings, minimony, or even elopements are truly intimate moments between you, your partner, and a few most special guests. I think it shows in photos, too, with true smiles, and tears of joy. These weddings are really reverent moments and may deserve more consideration during the pandemic.

Your Wedding, Your Style

A wedding during a pandemic is likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience (fingers crossed). It’s up to you whether to showcase or conceal it. I’ll be wearing a mask either way, but If you want comedic photos of guests with masks and hand sanitizer, I can make that happen. Or the COVID crisis can be completely downplayed. It’s your day.

Tips for Wedding Photography and Covid-19

  • Make sure your wedding photographer doesn’t charge by event capacity. It’s not common, but it does happen. Check the fine print on contracts before you sign.
  • Think ahead of time about the social bubbles for your family portraits and create a shot list so I know who can be photographed with who.
  • Bring a helper. For safety, I remain at distance from the wedding party. Having someone in your social bubble to help with all the finishing touches before portraits will make the photos perfect!
  • Know your photographer’s cancellation policy. I require a non-refundable deposit for all wedding packages to secure a date, but will work with couples if they need to reschedule due to the pandemic. There’s no rebooking fee right now as the pandemic still looms, but may switch back as the world starts to normalize (fingers crossed).


Let’s chat if you’re planning or rescheduling your wedding. I’ll work with you to capture all the special moments of your unique event.

Small family photos and wedding cakeBring a helper for Wedding Photography And Covid-19Family portraits for Wedding Photography And Covid-19Small group portraits with Wedding Photography And Covid-19Wedding table setting and details

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