SF Romance – 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot

It’s a year into your marriage and you want to do something special to mark the occasion. Consider reaching out to a photographer for a 1 year wedding anniversary photo shoot.

Why Capture Anniversary Pictures?

So many reasons! First, photoshoots are always a good time. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or a day bonding with your partner, laughing, and embracing. And at the end of it, you walk away with an album of memories from another special day together.

It’s also the perfect excuse to put your wedding dress on again, and possibly in a new setting! Did you get married at a winery but always dreamed of photos on the beach? Maybe you just wanted more of the amazing shots you got during your wedding. A 1 year wedding anniversary photo shoot is a chance for more great shots.

A 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot All Across SF

In a recent shoot with an amazing couple, I got to take a trip all around San Francisco. The photos we shot were intimate and connective, some were playful, and I’d even call a few epic. We shot in both public and private locations. And you can see that these two are just so in love. Here’s what went into these special anniversary pictures.

Choosing Locations to Shoot

This couple got married in Colorado, but they met and live in SF, so they wanted to spend a day documenting all their favorite spots.

We traveled all around the city, on a journey through their past. We chose locations that were special to them as well as spots I know are perfect for engagement, wedding, and anniversary pictures. Here’s our full list:

  • The Couple’s Apartment: Their place had a perfect view of the bridge. And shots at home are amazing to include in anniversary pictures because the results are so intimate.
  • Downtown Union Square area to the Daily Grill: This is where they had their first date. It was closed due to COVID but we still got some photos outside.
  • Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park: The foliage! An unbeatable backdrop for romance.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: There are so many options to choose from to catch a shot of the bridge. But we ended up choosing the location by Crissy Fields and Fort Point.  It can be really windy, but we lucked out with mild winds.
  • Sutro Baths for Golden Hour: I think these sunset shots speak for themselves. Pure magic.

The trick to a successful multi-location shoot is timing, one reason you should always hire a local, skilled photographer. I started to build our timeline by asking them what locations they wanted to go to. Then I laid out a detailed plan on where to go and estimated how long each spot would take.

I thought ending up at Sutro Baths at the end was best because we could get the sunset and hopefully make it down to the beach.  The beach isn’t always available at Sutro Baths because of the tide but we timed it just right that day. I also curated the timeline according to wind. Knowing which places tend to be windiest, I wanted to visit those locations at the end of our day so that the couple would look fresh at all the non-windy stops.

Anniversary Photo Shoot Poses

 I always try to capture my couples in poses that bring out the beauty of their connection.

When choosing anniversary photo shoot poses, or poses for any romantic shoot, it’s all about the embraces. Embraces from behind, an arm hugged from the side, one partner leaning in for a kiss. Even just a simple hand hold. Whatever pose a couple strikes during the shoot, they should be focused on showing their love for each other.

And don’t forget the candid moments either. Small, sweet moments between couples are priceless. Hair being swept out of a love’s face, genuine laughter from an unexpected joke. These add life and depth to any shoot.

Inspiration for Anniversary Pictures

I hope you enjoy the results of this epic 1 year wedding anniversary photo shoot. This couple was a joy to work with, and maybe their photos will inspire you to capture your own special moments.

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couple at home on their balcony in San Francisco1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot in San Francisco1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot with the Golden Gate Bridgemarried couple in San Francisco1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot in San Francisco1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot at SF Japanese Tea Gardenmarried couple at sutro baths san franciscocouple holding hands at sutro bathssunset photography at sutro baths san franciscoGolden hour at sutro bath san francisco

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