A Natural Minimalist Wedding at Marin Art and Garden Center

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  1. What a stunning wedding, and your photography captures their day beautifully. Marin Art and Garden Center seems like such a wonderful backdrop for their simple, modern theme. I love all of the greenery and flowers (are those cosmos?). Their love is apparent and they will treasure these portraits for a lifetime.

  2. I just love all the expressions that you caught at this beautiful wedding! Minimal can certainly bring just as much lavish joy as any other style of wedding. Marin Art and Garden Center looks just the place to do it.

  3. Look at this gorgeous couple! I love how the minimalist theme is everywhere in this wedding, from their clothing to the way the decorated their wedding. You gorgeously photographed this Marian Art and Garden wedding!

  4. Cathie berrey-green says:

    I love everything about this Marin Art and Garden Center wedding. It is absolutely stunning what a beautiful job their w Wedding photographer Amy Thompson photography did.

  5. This Marin Art and Garden Center wedding looks so simple and beautiful. Great shots to capture this joyful filled day!

  6. Ariel says:

    I love all the details you’ve added, it adds to the natural & simple feel of this wedding day, but I can especially feel Marin County with them! The Marin Art & Garden Center is beyond beautiful, I can see why they chose it, it looks chic and easy and effortless to get married at. The bride & groom bicycle cake topper is really the sweetest though!!

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