To the newly engaged,

Marriage is no small feat. He was brave enough to ask, and you were brave enough to say yes.

So, here you are, choosing the countless details for your big day. From attire, to decor, to guests, to food, and yes, photography. You’re going to want to keepsake this day forever, but very few things are left after you’ve said I do, right? The food is gone, the guests are back home safely, your dress hangs in the closet but what you will have… and want the most, are the memories. What better way to capture them all, than with a Wedding Photographer?

At a petite 5’3”, I’ll be there in the background; unobtrusive, friendly, warm, and working very hard. I don’t feel the need to orchestrate moments. I like to anticipate the candid ones. Yes, of course if there is an opportunity to capture the moment with better lighting, arrangement, or backdrop, I may suggest we grab it, but otherwise, I hope to go mostly unnoticed; busy composing the images you’ll share and cherish over and over again.

I know that the couple’s photo session can be unnerving for some. You don’t want to look silly. You don’t want it to look totally staged. You want your passion for each other to illuminate from the frames of your photos. That’s where I come in. I am completely confident in guiding you through your photo-shoot. It won’t feel like a task. I can promise you that I aim for nothing less than natural, organic, timeless, and emotion-filled photos throughout your entire day.

You can be rest assured, that this isn’t just a job to me. I truly love photographing weddings. Each couple’s story is unique. Each love is pure, and each wedding has its own beauty. My goal, is to watch you enjoy your day. Have fun! It’s a party after all! You, your partner, and your guests will be beaming with all kinds of emotions. It’s pure, and, to me, it’s art. The smiles, the happy tears, the minute details; all the visual moments you’ll want to have forever, is what I can provide.

You just focus on walking down that aisle, and I’ll make sure, later, you’re walking down memory lane.

Congratulations you two.

All my best,